Here's How We are Going to Do it!

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More Energy & Less Pain is Possible

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Here's How We are Going to Do it!

Are you ready to create simple daily habits to support your wellbeing?

If you like to dabble in things, or jump on the latest fad, then this IS NOT for you.

But if you are seriously ready to feel better, to up-level your health, your energy and your happiness through your own simple, daily actions and now is the time....then this kit will get your stated in the right direction very quickly.

Autoimmune disease is on the rise and hits us in different ways.

For some it appears in the skin, for others in the muscles and joints, for me it was my thyroid gland.

The one thing we do know though, is that it all begins as chronic inflammation, which in turn begins with a dysfunctional gut and stress!

That's good news because it means we can do something about it!

Autoimmunity is growing fast and is largely a lifestyle disease. Many of us rely on nutrient-poor, processed foods, struggle with stressful lives, poor sleep and its causing gut dysfunction, hormonal chaos and an immune system in overdrive.  

Medications often just add more interference in a system crying out to return to its factory setting, a return to living in harmony with Nature and the natural rhythms of life.

Essential oils of the highest quality are the Gifts of the Earth and assist the body and mind to come back into balance.

This kit is the ideal "Natural Medicine Cabinet" to do that.


  • Unlike factories, Nature produces everything in a balanced form
  • Pure essential oils are free from side effects
  • Oils have many unexpected side benefits
  • Medications have a list of side effects, many of which disrupt the gut, which we know to be one of the main root causes of autoimmunity
  • Oils are potent and readily absorbed into the body (unlike medications) so we often only need 1 drop at a time to get a positive result - less waste, less toxicity, lower cost!
  • They are safe for the entire family and not just for people with autoimmune diseases. 80% of the everyday first aid needs we encounter in our home can be effectively helped - sleep, anxiety, focus, seasonal allergies, skin irritations, pain, even cleaning the house.

 I was floored when I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease which attacks the Thyroid Gland - Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and offered medications, including statins. I thought I was doing everything right in my diet, stress management and so on...but honestly, I knew I had not been consistent enough, especially through some big life changes.

We always put ourselves last, don't we?

I had gained a lot of weight, had moderate to severe fatigue, brain fog, no concentration, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, joint pain and then finally my hair started to fall out.

I have been in the natural health industry for 2 decades, so I chose to go the natural, holistic route instead and I am so glad I did.

I got going with a consistent essential oil routine morning and night and throughout the day - it takes just 60 secs to grab an oil and make a positive shift when you feel out of balance...but you have to do it!

Consistency is the key.


Simultaneously, whilst supporting the body with essential oils, you can kick start the process of:

  1. healing the gut
  2. supporting the detoxification process and
  3. fill in gaps which we all inevitably have in our nutrition, with DoTERRA's No.1 selling product - LIFE LONG VITALITY

The 30-Day Gut Cleanse kit is a perfect partner to the Essential Oil Starter kit – it will more quickly get you to where you want to be with:

  • more energy
  • better mood & focus
  • better sleep
  • less inflammation
  • less pain

Since we know all autoimmunity begins with gut dysfunction, it makes sense to start tackling the root causes straight away, doesn’t it?

And don’t worry – remember education is my super-power, so I will be right here to walk you through everything you need to do, so that you can simply and easily build this into your daily routine in no time at all.

AND, I will throw in a pdf tracker so you can easily keep track of each day.

Add the Gut Cleanse kit for just £254 - saving £75

*Gut Cleanse kit is NOT currently available in SOUTH AFRICA

Worried this might be complicated and time consuming?

It's Not!!

It literally takes 60 seconds to open a bottle and start to feel the benefits. Oh and did I mention that teaching is my super-power?  

I'm a nerd, I love learning and researching.  Even more than that, I love translating what I learn into easy to implement instructions.

I am totally here for you until you become as confident with these oils as I am....and who knows, you might then be ready for the next powerful step, which is to address nutrition.

Hear from 3 happy customers - people just like you


"My autoimmune journey with oils started in June last year when I joined DoTERRA after exhausting all avenues of conventional medicine for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Spondolarothopy. In a bid to avoid surgery I started taking oils daily and I began Life Long Vitality. I then hit the ground running with detoxing my home with natural cleaning. I then swapped to Deep Blue and home made rollerballs cutting out synthetic medicines. I started taking frankincense, copaiba and turmeric oils daily. I made a massage oil for pain relief which is amazing and drink lemon daily for internal support. I've been pretty much pain-free since 12 weeks of starting this regime and have been signed off from my consultant.”


“DoTERRA oils and supplements have transformed the way I deal with my Crohn's disease and AS. I am able to manage these autoimmune conditions holistically. I have been able to wean off some of the conventional medications, which is a real mental boost. I still take a lot of conventional medicine we are lucky to live in a world where we have access to both. My immune suppressants caused me to start losing a lot of my hair, Life Long Vitality helped my hair become stronger and grow again! My hairdresser was astounded and asked what I was doing differently and to keep doing it! Wouldn't be without them.”


“I have been DoTERRA oils and supplements with my family now for about 3 years, for many different reasons. I have had psoriasis, an autoimmune disease since I was a child and it goes through phases of being chronic. I was offered methotrexate and U.V therapy but nothing made any difference. The surprising thing using the oils but in particular the Life Long Vitality - as well as all the other great things it does like giving you more energy, better sleep, improved mood and providing you with balanced nutrition, is that my psoriasis significantly improved - a wonderful side-effect.”


For the next 72 hours ONLY!!!

To really make sure you get started in a way that will guarantee your success and confidence, I will throw in these additional supports, totally FREE:

  1. A 45 min 1-1 coaching call with me, valued at £100
  2. My 8-Module "Creating Natural Wellness" online course, valued at £395 
  3. A Daily Routine Template pdf
  4. A 30-Day Cleanse Tracker pdf
  5. Access to my private Facebook community for ongoing support and education - connect with like-minded people making the same proactive changes that you are.
  6. My "Reclaim your Energy with Autoimmune Disease" mini-course, valued at £19.95

That's over £500 in additional bonus content BUT only for the next 72 hours. 

Why the time limit?

Because we procrastinate!!!!

But when you make a decision, get everything you need, including the support to keep you on track, that's when change happens. 

So rather than putting off that decision (and if you are still here then you are clearly interested) I want to help you say YES! Let's get into action and together, step by step, reclaim your energy, and your life again!


Risk Reversal

I am so confident that you are going to start feeling better with these great natural tools that I will refund you in FULL if you do not feel better after 60 days using these oils and supplements as directed.  

Remember - owning them isn't enough - you have to use them consistently to get the best results.