Group Coaching Program


Join a growing number of people who have reversed many of the symptoms of their autoimmune disease and are now living a life with less pain, more energy and a greater sense of purpose.


During the program I will guide you through:

the AIP elimination-reintroduction diet

the mindset shifts required for better health

stress management

group accountability


weekly content emailed to you to go through at your own pace

and weekly live sessions in zoom for coaching and Q&A

2 personal 1-1 sessions with me


Spaces are limited so be sure to book your spot soon.


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Program begins July 17th

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Heal Your Gut & Remove Your Symptoms

All autoimmune disease begins with gut dysfunction. You will heal your gut and this alone will clear up many of your symptoms.

You will be left with THE perfect diet for YOU. One which your body can not only tolerate but THRIVE on. 

Implement Daily Practices to Reduce Stress

It can be hard to put in place routines which reduce stress, improve sleep and help you feel at your best. 

From week 1 we will be adding self care routines into your day that you will love!


Reinvigorate your Joy of Life 

Feeling great means loving life again. Many of the participants re-discover a deep sens of purpose in their lives AND understand themselves in a way they never have before.

Time to write the next chapter in your life - what do you really want?

What people are saying...


"I feel alive like my eyes are properly open. I don't feel like a victim anymore, I feel I have control over my condition, and I understand my body far more than I did before."


"The past 3 months have been a complete life changer for me, having suffered with Rheumatoid Arthritis since December 2016, I have lived on daily painkillers with little or no respite from this disease, in February 2021, after a most unproductive appointment with my consultant, I decided enough was enough, I had to do something as my life was pretty grim due to pain. After reading some of Claire's' posts of Facebook about her work with people and AI conditions, I got in touch, I am so glad I did. I will be eternally grateful to Claire for enabling me to improve my health and well being, my life is very different now to Feb 2021, has it been easy? No, but then neither is living in constant pain, would I do it all again? Yes in a heartbeat, and would encourage anyone living with an auto immune condition to get in touch with Claire."


"Claire clearly explained the process of what the program was and what it would do. She led me through it step by step, identifying gaps not only in my nutrition but in my mindset. (Willpower alone is not enough)."


"THANK YOU - after a lifetime of being at the mercy of my skin I finally feel like I have control of it!"

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