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Join the very first 3-month group coaching immersion where I will guide you through:

the AIP elimination-reintroduction diet

The mindset shifts required for better health

stress management

group accountability

live sessions on zoom - coaching and Q&A


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Heal the Body

The AIP elimination-reintroduction diet heals the gut - which is the root cause of autoimmunity.

You will end up with a bespoke eating program that is right for YOUR body and REDUCE or even eradicate many of your symptoms - feed yourself better

Rewrite your Inner Story

The constant thoughts & beliefs we have around our health and our life were programmed early in life & are holding you back from feeling your best.

We'll re-write your story to be in alignment with what you want - great health and more energy!

Build Stress Resilience

Stress is a MAJOR contributor in all disease and we all experience it.

Receive effective tools to help you better deal with what life throws at you - better able to COPE.

Become less reactive, more positive and creative and more in control.

I'm so excited to share these photos with you - I took a series of photos as we started. In order for my psoriasis to show clearly - I took the photos after I'd had a bath as this is when it's really visible. 

I took another set today (Day 10) and just look at the difference!!  I am absolutely blown away, as is the rest of the family.  It's amazing that there is such a difference in such a short period of time. 

The other thing to note - is I have always found that my psoriasis gets worse before it gets better (after sun exposure, for example) but this has been without any worsening of the symptoms.  I have less itchiness, less flakiness, and no soreness already!!!

I can't tell you how pleased I am and so looking forward to clearing even more!

Also as a bonus I've lost 8lbs !!!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and putting this course together. 

Mary J - Psoriasis

Group Coaching Immersion 50% off 

Reclaim you life - get more energy, lose stubborn weight, improve your skin and reduce pain with my very first Group Coaching program for Autoimmune Disease.

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