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Essential Awareness is set of approaches for reclaiming our lost wholeness, vitality and sense of purpose.  

As human beings we are multi-faceted and multi-dimensional and true wholeness and healing require that we integrate all aspects of ourselves.

We are physical beings and the physical body requires nourishment, rest, freedom from toxicity and movement.

We are energetic beings and so we must attend to the breath and the energy flows within us.  Breath and energy are the place where body and mind interface.

We are sensory beings and need to become skillful at reading the complex language of our feelings, emotions and physical sensations.

We are thinking beings and we must attend to the quality and usefulness of our thoughts and beliefs.

And, of course, we are spiritual beings of purpose, vision and creativity, all of which need to be fed and given free expression, if we are to lead a life full of possibility and fulfilment.

The things people say 

I have had just three sessions with Claire and over the last few weeks and I’ve made extraordinary progress since the first. 

The session was relaxed, unhurried and I felt completely safe and protected. Claire co-meditated with me, gently prompting me to listen to what my body and intuition were telling me and allowing me to start finding a way forward emotionally and spiritually after a very difficult and challenging year. One month on and I have been able to move forward positively and allow my body to start relaxing again; all the tension symptoms such as headaches and a knotted stomach are slowly leaving as I continue to meditate, practise my yoga regularly and remember the insights I got from the session. Thank you Claire, and I know where to come if I feel the need to rebalance!

Claire was able to access parts of me which have long been hidden; even to me!.

My goal is to live as wholly as possible, and without fear. I’ve a long way to go, but the sessions with Claire have brought me to a greater level of awareness, acceptance and self love. I feel I have a right to be here and a right to be heard.

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