Essential Oils

DoTERRA means "gift of the earth" and these CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) essential oils are just that.

Cultivated and sourced from over 40 countries worldwide, DoTERRA's mission is to provide us with the safest, purest and most potent oils in the industry.  Truly, these gifts of nature work on every level of our being - physical, emotional and spiritual to support us through times of challenge, compromise and change.


Their commitment to safety means we can have confidence using these oils from the cradle to the grave and provide an effective and viable alternative to many of the synthetic healthcare options.

Many essential oils, with their ability to affect the brain and particularly mood, can literally help us rewire our mental patterning and assist us as we move on from limiting beliefs and toxic emotions.

I run many educational classes in using Essential Oils, a current list of which you can find under "appointments".


Currently, I offer FREE 1-1 consultations lasting about an hour, to help you establish an essential oil protocol for your particular needs.

Doterra will shortly be bringing a range of oils to South Africa, available from a new distribution centre in Johannesburg.  In the meantime I can guide you through the process of purchasing on a global access account.

You can choose whether you would like to order oils just for own use or whether you would like to encourage others to benefit and build your own business

If you would like to just shop or find out more please visit the Shop doterra page 

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